Weed Is Drying Out Your Vagina


Weed is used by many as a way to enhance sex. But apparently it works better for men than women, because, ladies, marihuana is drying out our vaginas!

According to a 2009 study done in Australia, researchers linked marihuana use with poor vaginal lubrication. So not only mouths are getting dried, ladies also get “cotton vagina,” a term already recorded for posterity in Urban Dictionary.

Due to marihuana still being classified as an illegal drug, not much researching has been done passed the Australian study, but thanks to an interview Vice did with Dr. Julie Holland, author of “Moody Bitches: The Truth About The Drugs You’re Taking, The Sleep You’re Missing, The Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy,”  “cotton vagina” has been brought back to the limelight.

She says that basically vaginas experience the same dryness that mouths do when we smoke weed. This dryness is enhanced even more when ladies are on the pill, because a women is the most lubricated when she is fertile, and that’s exactly what the pill works against.

This is a sad day for women who enjoy pot, like myself, but you know what? A bottle of KY lube handy wouldn’t change things much. I rather smoke pot and have to use lubricant because sex is awesome when you smoke weed!

So next time you want to please your woman when you both are high as a kite, make sure to lubricate her pussy and she will enjoy it more!


Scarlet Domina

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