The Female Orgasm Explained

hot girl masturbating and touching her tits til she achieves female orgasm
Attention slaves and cuckolds! If you still don’t know how to please your mistress, here is the female orgasm explained! put together a bunch of useful stats and facts about the workings of a pussy. I’m usually a bit wary of videos that try to explain female sexual pleasure, but I have to admit I’m very happy to see the final result. Using some cool science experiments as visuals, the narrator breaks down the female orgasm for all of you clueless men. No wonder your women are so eager to go see those bulls! Watch the video below so you learn more about how ladies cum.

What more can be said? The female orgasm is a mysterious and beautiful thing, but at least videos like this help us understand it better.

Something I found quite interesting was that about 20% of women reported to be able to cum from kissing or from performing oral sex. Women have powerful bodies. We can have an orgasm from sucking dick or eating pussy. That is remarkable. Of course we’d need a hot pussy or a nice bull cock for that. :)

Hopefully this video help you be a better slave or cuckold. Enjoy.


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