James Deen Wins 2 2016 AVN Awards Despite Recent Rape Allegations

The 2016 AVN Awards committed a huge blunder by awarding an accused rapist with several awards for his roles throughout a controversial year.

Often described as ‘The Oscars’ of the adult industry, the 2016 AVN Awards are a glitz and glamour-filled affair meant to celebrate the best and brightest pornstars and porn scenes throughout the year.  They spotlight the most popular actors and actresses, and reward underappreciated people for the hard work they put in day in and day out to fuel one of, if not, the biggest entertainment industries in the world.

James Deen took home awards for participating in the “Best Double Penetration” scene and the “Best Gangbang” scene, so its not like he took home any individual 2016 AVN awards, but still, one would thing he would be disqualified from winning anything!  This is after recent allegations by his former real life and on-screen partner of an abusive relationship that included rape.  After Stoya’s statement was released, several other actresses came forward with similar claims towards James Deen being abusive on and off-screen, forceful, and rapey.  And this is a guy who has often been called ‘a feminist icon’ and one of the ‘nice guys’ in porn!

How is there supposed to be accountability in such a volatile industry when people don’t stick together, and don’t make any attempt to disown or punish people and performers who betray the trusting nature that needs to exist in an industry like porn?  The 2016 AVN Awards made a big slip-up by including James Deen in their proceedings, even if he didn’t win any individual awards.  The fact that he was even up for consideration shows that the adult industry still has a long way to go when it comes to handling violence and abuse amongst its performers.

Scarlet Domina

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