James Deen? More like James Done.

OK, absolutely terrible pun aside, this is an extremely important topic that is severely under-reported in the adult industry. It’s also important to set the record straight, especially on a site like Arab Mistress that deals with a lot of dominatrix, femdom, domination, cuckold, and other taboo situations and scenarios. Domination and role-playing is sexy. The reported behaviours of super-famous male pornstar James Dean are decidedly disgusting and unsexy.

People play with their privilege in a lot of fucked up ways in this world, and being an extremely handsome and well loved male white pornstar like James Deen certainly comes with an extensive set of privileges: he’s young, rich, recognized all over the world, gets to fuck hot women all of the time. He’s cultivated this image as the perfect man: hardcore and sexy, yet sensitive and empathetic towards plights like sexism and sexual assault in the past. These recent allegations towards James Deen from various pornstars, including his former partner Stoya, are totally damning. The actions themselves are obviously totally repulsive, but beyond that, they paint James Deen as a total liar; somebody willing to manipulate sensitive issues to present himself in a good light and make him more desirable to all of the people around the world who have trouble indentifying with the normally super-macho male pornstars that riddle all of our adult films.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the industry reacts. So far, James Deen has been pulled from various websites and performing schedules, which is a good sign. The porn industry generally tries to treat its female stars with a lot of respect (they power the engine, after all) so hopefully this means the industry will take things seriously. But it’s also easy to imagine a world where this kind of gets swept under the rug for the most part, and after a short hiatus James Deen continues onwards performing like nothing ever hapenned. Hopefully that’s not the case!

Either way, this is extremely dark and unfortunate news for an industry that needs some heroes.

Scarlet Domina

Head Writer at Arab Mistress
Horny mistress fighting for women's rights by kicking men in the balls one at the time.
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