Is Pornstar a Viable Career Option for Young Women? Bree Olson answers.

Former pornstar Bree Olson believes that young women should avoid a career in adult entertainment…

And it’s not even for any high-and-mighty moralistic reasons.  In fact, Bree Olson’s reasons are rooted in the very real social implications that come with being a young woman in the porn industry.  In an open letter, which she posted on her twitter @BreeOlson, Bree Olson detailed the problems and societal double-standards that come with being an adult actress:



As someone who has flirted with the mainstream when she dated Charlie Sheen briefly, and has now retired from porn to pursue a career in non-pornographic acting, Bree Olson must know very well the issues that can come from being ‘segregated’ from society due to her earlier choices. These problems would definitely be even more prevalent for someone looking for a new career outside of acting in general.  Can you imagine going into a job interview (wherever it might be) and having your potential new boss recognize you from a video he watched last week on Pornhub?  Not good.

These words are coming from one of the porn industry’s mainstays, Bree Olson, and so it’s hard to doubt their truth, but on the other hand, they do seem a bit moralistic and overly critical.  I mean, it’s totally fair and welcome for Bree Olson to impart her wisdom and share her experiences in the porn industry, but when it comes down to it, porn and sex work is a viable option for many women and ultimately, the choice is theres to make.  But, it’s a BIG choice, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so the more information you have, the better.

But if there’s one thing that Bree Olson should be talking about and warning young women against, it should be dating Charlie Sheen, not entering the porn industry. The former seems potentially a lot more damaging than the latter, if you ask us ;)

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