How Pornstars Feel About the 2016 American Elections

The American Presidential Elections are fast approaching, so let’s ask important questions: how do pornstars feel about the potential candidates?

The American Elections are fast approaching, and here at Arabmistress, we’re very interested to see the political leanings of major pornstars.  Luckily, the elections were a hot topic of discussion at the most recent AVN Awards (Otherwise known as the Oscars of the adult industry)! did the hard work for us, breaking down the general sentiments in this extremely detailed and well-written article:

It’s probably not surprising, but the vast majority of actors and actresses in the adult industry lean left on the political scale.  Makes sense, considering the democrats are usually far more forgiving when it comes to censorship and porn laws.  But more surprising is the fact that the general consensus seems to be Bernie Sanders over Hilary Clinton for the American Elections. Or rather, opinion seems to reflect the American population’s as a whole: started off liking Hilary Clinton at first because she seemed like an empowered woman championing change, but switched over to Bernie when they realized that Hilary Clinton was spitting the same BS political lies as everyone else.

The porn industry is more or less dominated by millenials, who seem to be one of Bernie’s prime supporters.

Of course, there are some divergent opinions on the American Elections, including those who support Donald Trump because he ‘doesn’t take shit from anyone.’

I guess what it boils down to is that the porn industry’s opinion on the American Elections is pretty much a microcosm for the country as a whole, which makes absolute sense, because, unlike what many right wing nuts would have you believe, pornstars are regular people, just like the rest of us!

For those wondering, we’re also supporting Bernie Sanders here at Arabmistress ;)  But maybe that was already pretty obvious!

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