French Pornstar Nikita Bellucci Shows Airline Who’s The Boss

I would have hoped we’d be over the days of singling out or shaming adult actresses for their choice of profession.  Time and time again, porn stars have proven that acting in adult videos doesn’t make you the drugged-out slut that society has been painting them as for just about forever.  Yet, every once in awhile, such as in the case of Nikita Bellucci,  we are reminded of the sobering reality that pornstars still have to face an insane amount of scrutiny and criticism in their day to day life.

Take, for example, the French pornstar Nikita Bellucci, who was recently forced into a public twitter feud with the airplane line that she was flying with.  When her flight was late for departure, Nikita Bellucci tweeted at the airline to figure out what exactly was going on.  The airline responded in probably the most unprofessional and degrading way they could have, in a tweet filled with creepy sexual innuendo.  Though the tweet was originally in french, it more or less translates to:

“Flight is scheduled for 14.30. It’s just that with you, we prefer when it lasts longer. Have a good day. I remain available,”

Though the tweet itself isn’t explicit, that’s besides the point.  It’s singling out and shaming someone for being a porn actress, even if its intended to be cute and light-hearted.  Beyond that and perhaps even more importantly, the tweet is objectifying a woman and making her feel like shit about her sexual practices and sex life.  It’s pretty unforgivable for anyone to do, but ESPECIALLY from a business twitter which is read by thousands of people every day and should maintain some modicum of professionalism.

But Nikita Belluci is a fierce woman, and not afraid to defend herself in these situations – she responded with a rather cutting tweet, stating:

“Bunch of bastards. I will never fly with your rubbish company again”,

Lol, way to go Nikita Bellucci!

Scarlet Domina

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