The Women of Arab Mistress

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Amy Lee 2Amy Lee

Amy Lee is a cruel mistress and loves to humiliate her cuckold husbands for being useless and having tiny cocks. Watch her torture and humiliate her sex slave.









Jessie Storm_R7Y9024

This busty blonde mistress loves marrying Arab men for their money and then turning them into cuckold slaves.

Watch her show her sex slaves how a real man fucks her tight pussy.









_R7Y7991Shana Lane

This petite mistress was wary of BDSM sex at first. But then her older sister Roxy showed her the pleasures of controlling men. She is now a big fan of punishing naughty boys.

Watch her get educated by her sister Roxy on the art of female domination and training cuckold slaves.








Roxy Lane_R7Y8183

When she isn’t fucking strangers in bathrooms (one of her many guilty pleasures) Roxy Lane is likely to be found making a cuckold of a helpless Arab slave desperate to taste her pussy or feel the length of her strap-on in his ass.

Watch her play with her slaves in her very own sex dungeon.









Kelly SummersKelly Summers

This curvaceous mistress loves keeping her cuckold husbands in cages and in chastity, only to be let out when she wants to play.

Watch her punish and retrain her filthy Muslim slaves after having caught them out of their cages watching BDSM porn.








Alyson Queen_R7Y7218

This mistress is hardcore! She will do anything to a slave and she will look damn good doing it. She is a tall, blonde amazon with huge tits.

Watch her beat, slap, torture, strapon fuck, and piss all over her dirty cuckolds.








Heidi Van HornyHeidi Van Horny

Heidi is dirty. She owns 2 slaves and has her very own BDSM dungeon to train them. she also enjoys inviting other dominatrix friends to use her cuckold husbands.

Watch her put the men on a pillory and a St. Andrew Cross and have fun with whips, food, and candle wax!






Mistress LeilaMaggie

This mistress is the queen of humiliation. She gets pleasure from telling her slaves that their tiny dicks can’t please her. She harasses them and threatens them with torture if they don’t do as she says.

Watch her demand her 3 sex slaves to put on a show for me.







Scarlet Domina

Head Writer at Arab Mistress
Horny mistress fighting for women's rights by kicking men in the balls one at the time.
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  • idlewild

    The Queen, of course. Not only will you bow to her beauty, but also definitely to her power. What an absolute Goddess.